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Updated 4/22: The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence Team has provided resources for families navigating COVID19. Please check out the resources as needed below:

Apps to Support Students During COVID


Hello Parents, Families, and Caregivers,

We hope this email finds you healthy!  We would like to check in with students and offer our help and support at this time.

The LMS Counseling Department would like to keep you informed on how we will continue to provide services to your students.  As you can imagine, providing counseling and school counseling services and activities in a virtual setting presents some challenges and limitations.  We are doing our best at this time to set up what that will look like.  

At this time our School Counselors have set up google classrooms for each grade to facilitate easy communication with our students.  We will be posting resources to help your student during these uncharted times. Like their academic classrooms, students need a code to access ours. Most students are already a part of the classrooms. Our classroom codes:  Grade 6 - ux34zip, Grade 7 -owhfq5f , Grade 8 - qazidww. If you have any difficulty accessing our classroom, please contact a member of the LMS Counseling Dept. for support.

Some of your students have standing weekly appointments with their school psychologist/social worker/school counselor.  We will be using email and google hangouts for these appointments and they are optional at this time. Check-ins are most effective when they include non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and body language.  There are challenges with virtual check-ins as well as ensuring confidentiality. Having said that, virtual check-ins can be very effective and during this time, it is our best option. It is a stressful time for families and students but we are here to provide support.  

Thank you for your understanding as we move forward.  We are being challenged to think in a different way and come up with alternatives to what has always been a face-to-face profession.  We are committed to your students and look to be as available and proactive as possible during this time of crisis.

The best way to contact us will be via email.  We are available to you and your students from 8 - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Feel free to reach out with any concerns.


Patty Pollin Joanna Okosky     Laura Hetherington Terran Turetsky

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If you or someone you know is in crisis,

 please dial 2-1-1 for emergency mental health services will also help provide assistance finding food, paying for housing bills, or other essential services.  Run by the United Way.


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