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Principal's Memo November 25, 2019
Posted on 09/08/2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you and your family a most restful and relaxing Thanksgiving. I say that as many are making lists for the grocery store, counting folding chairs in the basement to make sure all invited guests have a seat, and trying to figure out a way to keep politics from being brought up as the dessert is being served. In spite of the societal pressure to have the perfect Pinterest family gathering, please remember that most experience stress and trauma during the holiday season, especially adolescents, as they are still navigating the appropriate emotional responses to trauma. Keep in your thoughts the children whose parents are not able to be with them, whose siblings are at a distance, whose parents and loved ones are deployed, whose parents must work during the family gathering time, and whose daily schedule is turned upside down with extended family visiting and changes to their routine. They look to you for guidance, love, and support.

Ryan Earley  

Thanksgiving Week Schedule Reminder:

There will be no school in Ledyard on Wednesday November 27th- 29th for Thanksgiving Recess.

Student Backpack Use:

Students (and teachers will be notified) will be informed students ability to use their backpacks during the school day later this afternoon and this will be addressed over the next two days as students become accustomed to this change. Do not worry- there will not be disciplinary consequences as the school implements this. The goal is to support students as they need and help them become more organized. For example, a student who packs their entire back with everything they own is not learning organizational skills. This is a learning process and the needs of the student along with their schedule (going from one side to the other) will be taken into account to help them be more organized, success, and comfortable.

Information from Isabel Pentell, Ledyard MFLC

Military Appreciation Kit for Families:

The month of November, we dedicate to celebrating National Veteran's and Military Family Month. I would like to encourage military families to get the kit Military Appreciation Kit. The Department of Defense and Military OneSource are recognizing military families and transitioning veterans with free Military Family Appreciation Kits. Kits are available to the military service members and their immediate family members, as well as to veterans within 365 days of their post separation date. You're truly appreciated, thank you for your dedication and service!

Military Appreciation Kits.pdf 

Connection with Faculty/Staff

The Military Family & Life Program would like to acknowledge previous service members and their spouses with the Purple Star award. Faculty and staff who have served in the military and or a military spouse, and would like to serve as a supportive role for our military students' will have a Purple Star symbol placed above their classroom door to identify a safe place and support for military dependent students. 

After School Activity and School Events:

Please continue to check the school calendar and school website for up to date events and after school schedules. This screen is also displayed in the main entrance and cafeteria for students to double check during the day.

Drama Club: 11/25 Lip sync battle/HSM 2:10-3:30

Math Counts: 11/25 2:05-3:30

Advanced Band: 11/26 2:15-3:15

Student Council: 11/26 2:10-3:00

Creative Writing Club: 11/26 Grade 7/8 2:15-3:00pm

Boys Basketball: Practice 11/25, 11/26 4:25-5:55pm

Girls Basketball: Practice 11/25, 11/26 2:55-4:25pm