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Principal's Memo November 11, 2019
Posted on 09/08/2019

Veterans Day Breakfast:

Ledyard Middle School will host a Veterans Day Breakfast on Monday November 11th. Invites have been sent and responses have been tallied and at this point it we are expecting to have approximately 150 students and their invited guests. Guests can arrive at the start of the school day and breakfast will begin at 7:45 in the cafeteria with a Veterans welcome and a performance by the LMS Encore singers. The event will last approximately 1 hour and will give a chance for our students and guests to take a moment and recognize the importance and impact of serving in the armed services.

School Picture Re Take Day:

Picture re takes will take place on November 13th.

Half Day of School Thursday November 14th:

To allow for parent teacher conferences, there will be a shortened session on Thursday with a Noon dismissal time.

Parent – Teacher Conferences:

The Ledyard Middle School invites you to the fall session of Parent Conferences. The format of the conferences is a first come, first serve conferencing model. There are no set schedules or appointments and parents can arrive to meet with teachers by simply going to their classroom (list of locations provided with map) to meet with them for approximately 10 minutes (to be courteous for other parents waiting).

The Parent conference model is simply one way for parents and teachers to communicate and support student growth and achievement. Unfortunately, with only 4 total hours (1-3 & 5-7); it is not possible for every parent to meet with every teacher. Parents are encouraged to communicate directly with teachers via email if there are any questions or concerns and this can occur at any time. If an additional conference is desired, parents are encouraged to schedule a conference through their student’s guidance counselor and accessing their skillset as a support as well.

Additionally, parents can stay informed of their student’s performance by checking their daily agenda for homework, accessing PowerSchool, routinely going through their backpack and binders (together) to review work completed and help with organizational skills, review Google Classroom portals together, and maintaining an accessible and comfortable space in the home to allow for students to complete homework with support and oversight.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your child’s progress, you are encouraged to communicate with them, their teachers, and their counselors to gain a full perspective of their efforts and competencies.

LMS Band Concert:

On Thursday November 14th at 7:00PM, the LMS Band will be performing a concert in the auditorium. Please be sure to take in this great performance.

Honor Roll & Honors Assembly:

This is a reminder to parents what the honor roll qualifications are for students.

1. Highest Honors: A's in all subjects.

2. High Honors: All A's and one B in all subjects.

3. Honors: A's and B's in all subjects with this allowance: one C offset by an A in an academic subject. No D’s in any case and no more than one C.


The 1st quarter honors assembly will be held on November 22nd. At this assembly students who have demonstrated academic achievement by earning honors will receive a certificate and public acknowledgement, members of the fall biking and cross country teams will be recognized for their efforts and involvement at LMS, a selected few students will be recognized for truly demonstrating “DKP” and “owning it” during the first quarter, and the quarterly PBIS “DKP” raffle will be held.

Parents are invited to attend the honors assembly if desired. The time of the assemblies will be:

Grade 8: 8:00am

Grade 7: 8:45am

Grade 6: 9:30am


Parent Drop Off and Pick Up:

If you drop off or pick up your child (by car) at school, please be super aware and patient in the traffic loop. Students often get out of their car on the driver’s side door or often forget something and go back to get their belongings so it is important to be patient and aware and keep student safety as a priority each morning and afternoon. 

Winter Sports:

Winter sports will be starting soon. Reminder that student athletes need a current physical to participate. Sign-up sheets are available in the main office and also have been emailed to parents last week. They will be posted to the school website early this week.

Student Backpacks:

The student handbook policy regarding students utilizing backpacks during the school day is simple:

While book bags may be used to transfer books to and from school, they are not allowed to be used during the school day except to and from gym. Book bags will be stored appropriately upon entering school and may be taken home at dismissal. The rationale behind this is classroom space and safety.

The school did not fully enforce this policy as many students were getting used to using their lockers and some needed new locks installed. Now that all lockers are fully functional, a quarter of the school year has transpired, and students are knowledgeable and capable of quickly using their new lockers; this policy will be enforced fully beginning November 25th. This delay will allow students to be fully informed and also time to organize their belongings rather than taking all of their materials for the entire day with them at once. It is recognized that some students may require and/or request the use of a backpack for their materials, and there will be a process for students to request permission for this to occur. Information will be provided to students and teachers so that all needs can be met appropriately.

After School Activity and School Events:

Please continue to check the school calendar and school website for up to date events and after school schedules. This screen is also displayed in the main entrance and cafeteria for students to double check during the day.

Math Counts: Monday with Mrs. Hanselman.

Advances Band: Tuesday with Mr. Sturm.

ENCORE: Wednesday with Mrs. Agard.