This Week at LMS...

This Week at LMS
Posted on 10/29/2018

November 12, 2018 Notes from Chris Pomroy:


VETERANS DAY CELEBRATION- Thank you very much to all of our veterans who were able to join us Friday for our breakfast and assembly. It was fantastic to have such a nice number of family members who have served or are serving. This is a very important holiday for us to recognize given the sacrifices made by our honored men and women both past and present as well as their families. I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with our entire school population celebrating their efforts, and recognizing them for allowing us to have the many freedoms we have today. May our students always have a deep appreciation for them, and may they never take for granted the reasons they have what they have.

REPORT CARDS- Report cards went out to students today at the end of the day. Any student who has received a grade of D or below in any class will also have her/his report card mailed home as well. Unfortunately, there is one error that was not noticed until this afternoon and is in regards to grades in any of our enrichment Colonel Block classes. These classes are graded as either Pass or Fail. An grade that is above 59 for the marking period receives a grade of Pass. All others receive a grade of F. Any grade of F in an enrichment class does prevent a student from making the honor roll. In the event your child received a letter grade other than a P for Pass in an enrichment Colonel Block class, this is an error and will be corrected ASAP so that our honor roll lists can be accurate. As an example of how this may have affected your child, if s/he received all A’s across the board and a B in enrichment digital literacy, your child has achieved Highest Honors because the enrichment digital literacy grade of B should have become a P for pass and had no impact on honor roll in this case. The flip side of this example is if this same student received all A’s across the board and failed enrichment digital literacy, the failing grade would prevent her/him from making honors at all. I sincerely hope that makes sense. Please contact me with questions.

PARENT / TEACHER CONFERENCES- Parent / Teacher conferences will be Wednesday, November 14th from 1:00-3:00 and then again from 5:00-7:00. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested to come in and visit with any and all of your child’s teachers for roughly ten minutes per teacher to hear about how s/he is doing in her/his classes. There are no scheduled visits, and you only need to show up and simply go to whoever it is you’d like to see. If someone is there ahead of you please just wait your turn, and the teacher will be able to meet with you within a short amount of time. In order to ensure all parents have time to meet with as many teachers as desired, please limit your time to ten minutes. In the event the conversation requires more time, please feel free to use a portion of your time to schedule a follow-up meeting individually. This will keep lines moving at a reasonable pace It will also ensure you all receive the appropriate attention. CAREER DAY- LMS will be having a Career Day on Friday, November 16th. We have presenters representing 27 different careers who will speak to groups of students on that day.  Students will be assigned to three presentations and we will do our best to “match” either one of their career clusters or Holland Code with a speaker. We have asked presenters to discuss what career they were thinking about when they were in middle school, what influenced them to choose the career they are in, which school subjects are particularly relevant to their line of work. We are excited to be able to offer this time to our students and very grateful to our presenters for spending their time helping our students.LEDYARD PARADE OF LIGHTS- Please see attached flyer regarding the Ledyard Parade of Lights. Notes from the PTO:

BOOK FAIR- Book Fair this week: we are still looking for volunteers. Please sign up at:

PARENT / TEACHER CONFERENCE SNACKS- Thank you to everyone who has signed up for snacks for Wednesday’s Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please drop off snacks to the office by Tuesday afternoon. LOCKER ORGANIZERS- Locker Organizers are on Sale! Please contact Jen Freeman to place your order!


11/12 Book Fair Begins

Student Council after school

Intramural Basketball after school

11/13 Picture Retake Day 11/14 Parent / Teacher Conferences (Early Dismissal for students)

1:00-3:00 and 5:00-7:00 (no appointments necessary)

11/16 Career Day