Homework Policy

Board of Education Policy #6154

Homework in grade 7 and 8 becomes the responsibility of several teachers in the various subject areas. Each teacher has the responsibility for setting reasonable limits on the requirement for preparation beyond class time. This should be done in cooperation with other teachers.

All homework is designed to extend learning experiences and to stimulate students to study independently. It is recognized that students work at different rates and with varying degrees of efficiency. These factors are considered when assignments are made.

Class time is provided for supervised study to insure thorough understanding of assignments and efficiency of work habits. Scheduled study periods during the school day provide time for additional preparation. Time at home should be set aside for the completion of assigned work. It should be expected that seventh graders will have approximately one hour of homework each night and eighth graders will have one and one-half.

Ledyard Middle School Policy

The purpose of homework is to assist the students in becoming self-directed and independent learners. Homework should reinforce classroom objectives and enhance the school experience. Homework should not be assigned simply for the sake of busy-work or for disciplinary purposes.

Important to a student's self-esteem, academic performance, and preparedness for class, homework is the one component of learning which sets the stage for a rewarding and positive school day and consequently successful school year. It is vital to a student's holistic education.

Essentially, homework should extend classroom learning; stimulate and develop interests and talents; reinforce independent study skills; motivate initiative, responsibility, and self-direction; provide activity for worthwhile use of leisure time; and acquaint parents with the quality of work possible by Ledyard Middle School students.

Students are expected to complete all assigned homework. Those who don't will be asked to work with a teacher either during the school day or before or after school.

Ledyard Middle School
Guidelines & Responsibilities for Homework

Student’s Responsibility

  1. Have a clear understanding of homework assignment before leaving school.

  2. Hand in homework on time.

  3. Be responsible for any missed assignments due to absence.

  4. Realize the effect homework has on their total grade.

  5. Write all assignments in the Agenda.

Teacher's Responsibility

  1. Explain importance of homework and procedure for handing in homework as well as the effect on grading.

  2. See that assignments are clear, well planned and purposeful.

  3. Ensure that students understand all assignments and are capable of doing them.

  4. Vary assignments in relation to task and student's abilities to accomplish them.

  5. Ensure that homework is properly evaluated, recorded and returned within a short time. Portion of grade should reflect homework.

  6. Avoid assignments before religious holidays and vacation.

  7. Communicate with parents regarding incomplete or faulty homework should be done promptly upon notice.

  8. Make sure students complete current and past assignments.

Parent’s Responsibility

  1. Provide a place to study which is conducive to concentration.

  2. Develop a routine for study and encourage quality work.

  3. Maintain a positive attitude toward homework and assist student with explanations and clarifications, but resist doing any part of the assignment.

  4. Call teacher/school to make arrangements for homework assignments during periods of extended absences.

  5. Discuss any observed problems with their child's homework with his/her teachers and guidance counselor.

  6. Help promote your child to recognize the importance of completing all homework every day.

  7. Allow your child to remain after school for extra help or to complete unfinished or unsatisfactory assignments.

Administrative Responsibility

  1. Clearly communicate homework policy to students, staff and parents.

  2. Observe the use of homework during class visits.

  3. Make certain that homework is an integral part of lesson and lesson planning.

  4. Give suggestions when necessary on how homework assignments can be improved.

  5. Support the necessity for every student to complete all assigned homework for academic excellence and the enhancement of student's self-esteem.