Sports & Athletics

Winter 2023-2024 Schedule

A variety of athletic activities may be offered at Ledyard Middle School, such as but not limited to cross country, basketball, and wrestling and cheerleading. Students in grades 6-8 are eligible to try out.  Selection on a team will be based on level of skill and ability to safely participate.  A current physical exam (within the past 13 months) form must be on file in the health office prior to a student trying out or participating in a sport, and must remain current throughout the sport season.  Students are representatives of Ledyard Middle School and are expected to follow the Code of Conduct whenever and wherever they play.  Membership on a team is a privilege and players are expected to set an example.


Cross Country Running




Outdoor Track and Field

Participation Guidelines

  • Student athletes will be expected to track their daily class participation and engagement by using the Student Athlete Participation form. If a student shows lack of participation and engagement then temporary ineligibility will be possible.
  • Student athletes must be in attendance for a minimum of one-half day (3 hours) to participate in games/practices.
  • Student athletes with more than 1 D or any F’s (or the equivalent) on their most recent report card or progress report (in any class) will be ineligible to play until the next marking period with improvement in grades.
  • If a student athlete serves detention on the day of an activity, practice, or game; he/she may not participate until the detention is completed. Two detentions or one suspension may result in one week off the team and the athlete cannot attend practice. Four detentions or two suspensions may result in removal from the team. 
  • If a team does not abide by the school behavioral expectations, the team may forfeit scheduled games.
  • If a student athlete is having behavioral difficulty, the coach, teacher(s), and administration will determine the student’s participation status on an individual basis.

Student spectators may stay after school to watch games only if accompanied by a parent/guardian. 


LMS Co-Curricular Programming Emergency Plan